Quest Rules

A few rules about posting in the quest threads:

  1. Please post replies that make sense. Don't spam. It's okay if your response is "HOLY FUCK" after a post that deserves such a reaction, but if all of your posts are variations on that I'm going to get annoyed.
  2. Post in the right section. Don't put discussion posts in the quest threads. There's a discussion forum for that very purpose.
  3. Don't be dicks to each other, please. Just… please, don't. Quests might be from /tg/, but we don't need to act like we're on 4chan.
  4. There are a few mods and admins for the site to help with things like permissions and settings and things I might break while being a general dingus. Listen to them if they say anything in the forums.1
  5. To keep all replies to the original quest post on one page, don't post your replies as a new post. By using the "reply" function instead of the "new post" function, it'll keep everything on one page and might make it easier to read too.
  6. If you think something stupid happens with the story, you're well within reason to tell me so. I would still appreciate it though if you didn't send me a PM that says "GHSOT UR STOOPID AND I H8 UR STORY," since I'm likely to just ignore you then.
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