This page shows all characters in the quest, both major and minor. This page will be updated as the quest progresses and new characters and info are added. Here is the old character page for the previous version of BreachQuest.


Arc Mitchell

The primary protagonist of BreachQuest. The Sole Survivor of Vault 111, and highly reluctant sentinel of the Brotherhood of Steel. Is rather hostile to Brotherhood creed, but stays in the Brotherhood at Danse's urging and their own belief that they may be able to change the Brotherhood or prevent the Brotherhood from causing further damage. Serious but friendly, motivated by preservation of friends and family above all else due to trauma. Known to have worked with the Railroad in the past before its supposed destruction, and actively runs the Minutemen as co-general with General Preston Garvey and Lieutenant Ronnie Shaw. Values protection, guardianship, loyalty, and "stick-to-it-iveness."

Gets along horrendously with Maxson in personal matters, and gets along wonderfully with Maxson in professional matters. Still helps and accepts help from Maxson on personal matters despite this. Recently married Danse, and has been in a happy relationship with him for a while before that, based very heavily in their mutual assistance of each other in various personal issues.


S: 5
P: 8
E: 4
C: 6
I: 7
A: 10
L: 3

Notable physical traits: Curly hair in bun tied with red hair tie, wears the Brotherhood officer's flight suit

Notable perks (and explanation of their effects in the quest): Big Leagues (chance to disarm and/or decapitate), Awareness (better at noticing enemy weaknesses), Lead Belly (more resistant to sickness from food), Animal Friend (animals are less likely to be hostile, can be befriended more easily), Scrapper (salvaging objects is more efficient), Chemist (drug effects last longer), Sneak (better at sneaking, harder for enemies to detect), Quick Hands (faster weapon reloading and switching), Know Your Enemy (bonus damage against ghouls, super mutants, synths)

Weapon proficiency: Conventional pistols, blunt melee (esp. two-handed), spears (melee, not throwing)

Other skills and knowledge: Cooking, chemistry, lockpicking, sneaking, pre-War knowledge


Arthur Maxson

A secondary protagonist of BreachQuest. Elder of the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel, and the youngest person to ever become Elder. Last living descendant of the Maxson bloodline. Has some rather well-hidden depths that he doesn't like to reveal, and keeps a harsh, stern persona to stay in line with the expectations placed on him. Would much rather be a scribe than a soldier, and is a little bitter about his lack of choice and agency in the Brotherhood because of his situation. Suffers from PTSD and alcoholism.

Has a poor relationship with Arc that he's actively trying to improve, but with great difficulty. Is generally confused at Arc's assistance in the few private matters he's disclosed to Arc due to their otherwise bad relationship. Has a lot of mixed feelings about Arc's relationship with Danse, but is trying to avoid exposing those feelings. Is trying to internally reconcile his thoughts on Danse with his knowledge of Danse from their friendship, and struggles with competing thoughts that he should hate and not trust Danse and his knowledge of Danse that indicates his trustworthiness.


S: 8
P: 5
E: 9
C: 10
I: 9
A: 3
L: 2

Notable physical traits: large scar with stitch mark scarring on right cheek, hair in an undercut with fade, wears reinforced battlecoat over Brotherhood officer's flight suit

Weapon proficiency: Big guns (miniguns/gatling guns), knives, pistols, laser weapons

Other skills and knowledge: Writing, communication, strategic and tactical planning, technology, pre-War Brotherhood-related history



A secondary protagonist of BreachQuest. A former paladin of the Brotherhood of Steel, now a member of the Minutemen, saved by Arc from execution when he was discovered to be a synth. A leader figure of the "tough on you because I care about you" type, but knows when to back down. Has a soft spot for children that overrides all else, and a knack for weapon maintenance and repair. Suffers from PTSD, depression, and dissociation, and has some identity issues surrounding being a synth that he's working through.

Married to Arc, and is very happy in the relationship. Balances out well with Arc in many aspects (combat, conversation, problem-solving, day-to-day life, etc) and likes that dynamic between them. Still trusts Maxson a great deal despite having to convince Maxson not to kill him, but wisely keeps his distance from Maxson to avoid hostility. Is hoping to reconcile with Maxson at some point and understands the difficulty of the larger situation surrounding his exile, but hasn't forgiven Maxson for what happened and possibly may never do so.


S: 5
P: 10
E: 6
C: 5
I: 8
A: 7
L: 7

Notable physical traits: scar going horizontally and scar going vertically through right eyebrow, hair in slightly overgrown crew cut, wearing Minuteman uniform

Weapon proficiency: Laser pistols/rifles, conventional rifles

Other skills and knowledge: Armor and weapon repair/modification, field first aid

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