Chapter Summaries

For those who have joined late and are too lazy to read the actual threads, or just want to brush up on the events that have occurred so far.

Chapter 1: I Don't Want to Set the Scips Free

Ghost and Arcade fall deep into a cave when the cave floor collapses. Cass jumps down the hole after them, and Ghost and Cass find some worrying clues as to Arcade's condition. They find a door, Ghost shoots himself in the foot to open said door because everyone is a dingbat and said he should, eventually opens the door correctly, and has now found a Deathclaw head (?) suspended from the ceiling and an odd animate drawing of a girl on the wall. Said girl introduces herself as Cassy, and leads the two unexpectedly to a giant lizard beast. The lizard offers his assistance in helping find Arcade, but only if Ghost helps him destroy a pendant which has sealed his soul inside and let him die once and for all. Ghost agrees, but is suddenly rushed by the lizard and falls unconscious as he stumbles away.

Chapter 2: Ain't That a Breach in the Site

Ghost wakes up after being rushed by the lizard. He learns about a large group of butterflies with the ability to camouflage and create illusions, the ones responsible for chasing Arcade deeper into the facility. The lizard finally asks to be called "Jack" after much pressing, and so Ghost leads his strange crew deeper into the facility after Arcade. The group stumbles upon what appears to be Arcade, only for a strange dark creature to materialize and attack Ghost.

Chapter 3

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